570.102 Definitions.

“ANSI/BOMA Office Area (ABOA)” means the area “where a tenant normally houses personnel, and/or furniture, for which a measurement is to be computed,” as stated by the American National Standards Institute/Building Owners and ManagersAssociation(ANSI/BOMA)publication Z65.1-1996.

“Contract” means lease.

“Contractor” means lessor.

“Landlord” or “lessor” means any individual, firm, partnership, trust, association, State or local government, or other legal entity that leases real property to the Government.

“Lease” or “leasehold interest in real property” means a conveyance to the Government of the right of exclusive possession of real property for a definite period of time by a landlord. It may include operational services provided by the landlord.

“Lease acquisition” means the acquiring by lease of an interest in improved real property for use by the Government, whether the space already exists or must be constructed.

“Lease extension” means extension of the expiration date of a lease to provide for continued occupancy on a short term basis.

“Lease renewal” (option) means the right, but not the obligation of the Government to continue a lease upon specified terms and conditions, including lease term and rent.

“Lessee” or “tenant” means the United States of America.

“Operational services” means services that support use of a leased property, such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, utilities, and custodial services.

“Simplified lease acquisition procedures” mean the procedures for awarding leases at or below the simplified lease acquisition threshold.

“Simplified lease acquisition threshold” means the simplified acquisition threshold (see FAR 2.101), when applied to the average annual amount of rent for the term of the lease, including option periods and excluding the cost of services.

“Small business” means a concern including affiliates, which is organized for profit, is independently-owned and operated, is not dominant in the field of leasing commercial real estate, and that has annual average gross receipts for the preceding three fiscal years which are less than the size standard established by the Small Business Administration pursuant to 13 CFR 121. The size standards may be found at https://www.sba.gov/content/small-business-size-standards. For most lease procurements, the NAICS code is 531190.

“Solicitation for Offers (SFO)” means a request for proposals.

“Substantially as follows” or “substantially the same as,” when used in prescribing a provision or clause, means that the contracting officer may prepare and use a variation of that provision or clause to accommodate requirements peculiar to an individual acquisition. The variation must include the salient features of the FARor GSAR provision or clause. It must also be consistent with the intent, principle, and substance of the FARor GSAR provision or clause and related coverage on the subject matter.

“Succeeding lease” means a lease whose effective date immediately follows the expiration date of an existing lease for space in the same building.

“Superseding lease” means a lease that replaces an existing lease, prior to the scheduled expiration of the existing lease term.