213.7001 Procedures.

(a)(1) For acquisitions that are otherwise appropriate to be conducted using procedures set forth in this part, and also eligible for the 8(a) Program, contracting officers may use—

(i) For sole source purchase orders not exceeding the simplified acquisition threshold, the procedures in PGI 219.804-2 (2); or

(ii) For other types of acquisitions, the procedures in PGI 219.8 , excluding the procedures in PGI 219.804-2 (2); or

(2) The procedures for award to the Small Business Administration in FAR subpart 19.8.

(b) To comply with section 898 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2016 (Pub. L. 114-92), contracting officers shall not use the sole source authority at FAR 6.302-5(b)(4) to purchase religious-related services to be performed on a United States military installation. For competitive purchases under the 8(a) program, contracting officers shall not exclude a nonprofit organization from the competition. See 219.270 for additional procedures.