19.814 Requesting a formal size determination (8(a) sole source requirements).

      (a) If the size status of an 8(a) participant nominated for award of an 8(a) sole source contract is called into question, a request for a formal size determination may be submitted to SBA pursuant to 13 CFR 121.1001(b)(2)(ii) by-

           (1) The 8(a) participant nominated for award of the particular sole source contract;

           (2) The contracting officer who has been delegated SBA’s 8(a) contract execution functions, where applicable, or the SBA program official with authority to execute the 8(a) contract;

           (3) The SBA District Director in the district office that services the 8(a) participant or the Associate Administrator for Business Development; or

           (4) The SBA Inspector General.

      (b) SBA’s Government Contracting Area Director will issue a formal size determination within 15 business days, if possible, after SBA receives the request for a formal size determination.

      (c) An appeal of an SBA size determination shall follow the procedures at 19.302.