Part 28—Bonds and Insurance

28.000 Scope of part.

28.001 Definitions.

Subpart 28.1—Bonds and Other Financial Protections

28.100 Scope of subpart.

28.101 Bid guarantees.

28.101-1 Policy on use.

28.101-2 Solicitation provision or contract clause.

28.101-3 Authority of an attorney-in-fact for a bid bond.

28.101-4 Noncompliance with bid guarantee requirements.

28.102 Performance and payment bonds and alternative payment protections for construction contracts.

28.102-1 General.

28.102-2 Amount required.

28.102-3 Contract clauses.

28.103 Performance and payment bonds for other than construction contracts.

28.103-1 General.

28.103-2 Performance bonds.

28.103-3 Payment bonds.

28.103-4 Contract clause.

28.104 Annual performance bonds.

28.105 Other types of bonds.

28.105-1 Advance payment bonds.

28.105-2 Patent infringement bonds.

28.106 Administration.

28.106-1 Bonds and bond-related forms.

28.106-2 Substitution of surety bonds.

28.106-3 Additional bond and security.

28.106-4 Contract clause.

28.106-5 Consent of surety.

28.106-6 Furnishing information.

28.106-7 Withholding contract payments.

28.106-8 Payment to subcontractors or suppliers.

Subpart 28.2—Sureties and Other Security for Bonds

28.200 Scope of subpart.

28.201 Requirements for security.

28.202 Acceptability of corporate sureties.

28.203 Acceptability of individual sureties.

28.203-1 Security interests by an individual surety.

28.203-2 Acceptability of assets.

28.203-3 Acceptance of real property.

28.203-4 Substitution of assets.

28.203-5 Release of lien.

28.203-6 Contract clause.

28.203-7 Exclusion of individual sureties.

28.204 Alternatives in lieu of corporate or individual sureties.

28.204-1 United States bonds or notes.

28.204-2 Certified or cashier’s checks, bank drafts, money orders, or currency.

28.204-3 Irrevocable letter of credit.

28.204-4 Contract clause.

Subpart 28.3—Insurance

28.301 Policy.

28.302 Notice of cancellation or change.

28.303 Insurance against loss of or damage to Government property.

28.304 Risk-pooling arrangements.

28.305 Overseas workers’ compensation and war-hazard insurance.

28.306 Insurance under fixed-price contracts.

28.307 Insurance under cost-reimbursement contracts.

28.307-1 Group insurance plans.

28.307-2 Liability.

28.308 Self-insurance.

28.309 Contract clauses for workers’ compensation insurance.

28.310 Contract clause for work on a Government installation.

28.311 Solicitation provision and contract clause on liability insurance under cost-reimbursement contracts.

28.311-1 Contract clause.

28.311-2 Agency solicitation provisions and contract clauses.

28.312 Contract clause for insurance of leased motor vehicles.

28.313 Contract clauses for insurance of transportation or transportation-related services.