Part 46—Quality Assurance

46.000 Scope of part.

Subpart 46.1—General

46.101 Definitions.

46.102 Policy.

46.103 Contracting office responsibilities.

46.104 Contract administration office responsibilities.

46.105 Contractor responsibilities.

Subpart 46.2—Contract Quality Requirements

46.201 General.

46.202 Types of contract quality requirements.

46.202-1 Contracts for commercial items.

46.202-2 Government reliance on inspection by contractor.

46.202-3 Standard inspection requirements.

46.202-4 Higher-level contract quality requirements.

46.203 Criteria for use of contract quality requirements.

Subpart 46.3—Contract Clauses

46.301 Contractor inspection requirements.

46.302 Fixed-price supply contracts.

46.303 Cost-reimbursement supply contracts.

46.304 Fixed-price service contracts.

46.305 Cost-reimbursement service contracts.

46.306 Time-and-material and labor-hour contracts.

46.307 Fixed-price research and development contracts.

46.308 Cost-reimbursement research and development contracts.

46.309 Research and development contracts (short form).

46.310 [Reserved]

46.311 Higher-level contract quality requirement.

46.312 Construction contracts.

46.313 Contracts for dismantling, demolition, or removal of improvements.

46.314 Transportation contracts.

46.315 Certificate of conformance.

46.316 Responsibility for supplies.

Subpart 46.4—Government Contract Quality Assurance

46.401 General.

46.402 Government contract quality assurance at source.

46.403 Government contract quality assurance at destination.

46.404 Government contract quality assurance for acquisitions at or below the simplified acquisition threshold.

46.405 Subcontracts.

46.406 Foreign governments.

46.407 Nonconforming supplies or services.

46.408 Single-agency assignments of Government contract quality assurance.

Subpart 46.5—Acceptance

46.501 General.

46.502 Responsibility for acceptance.

46.503 Place of acceptance.

46.504 Certificate of conformance.

46.505 Transfer of title and risk of loss.

Subpart 46.6—Material Inspection and Receiving Reports

46.601 General.

Subpart 46.7—Warranties

46.701 [Reserved]

46.702 General.

46.703 Criteria for use of warranties.

46.704 Authority for use of warranties.

46.705 Limitations.

46.706 Warranty terms and conditions.

46.707 Pricing aspects of fixed-price incentive contract warranties.

46.708 Warranties of data.

46.709 Warranties of commercial items.

46.710 Contract clauses.

Subpart 46.8—Contractor Liability for Loss of or Damage to Property of the Government

46.800 Scope of subpart.

46.801 Applicability.

46.802 Definition.

46.803 Policy.

46.804 [Reserved]

46.805 Contract clauses.