Part 47—Transportation

47.000 Scope of part.

47.001 Definitions.

47.002 Applicability.

Subpart 47.1—General

47.101 Policies.

47.102 Transportation insurance.

47.103 Transportation Payment and Audit Regulation.

47.103-1 General.

47.103-2 Contract clause.

47.104 Government rate tenders under sections 10721 and 13712 of the Interstate Commerce Act (49 U.S.C. 10721 and 13712).

47.104-1 Government rate tender procedures.

47.104-2 Fixed-price contracts.

47.104-3 Cost-reimbursement contracts.

47.104-4 Contract clauses.

47.104-5 Citation of Government rate tenders.

47.105 Transportation assistance.

Subpart 47.2—Contracts for Transportation or for Transportation-Related Services

47.200 Scope of subpart.

47.201 Definitions.

47.202 Presolicitation planning.

47.203 [Reserved]

47.204 Single-movement contracts.

47.205 Availability of term contracts and basic ordering agreements for transportation or for transportation-related services.

47.206 Preparation of solicitations and contracts.

47.207 Solicitation provisions, contract clauses, and special requirements.

47.207-1 Qualifications of offerors.

47.207-2 Duration of contract and time of performance.

47.207-3 Description of shipment, origin, and destination.

47.207-4 Determination of weights.

47.207-5 Contractor responsibilities.

47.207-6 Rates and charges.

47.207-7 Liability and insurance.

47.207-8 Government responsibilities.

47.207-9 Annotation and distribution of shipping and billing documents.

47.207-10 Discrepancies incident to shipments.

47.207-11 Volume movements within the contiguous United States.

47.208 Report of shipment (REPSHIP).

47.208-1 Advance notice.

47.208-2 Contract clause.

Subpart 47.3—Transportation in Supply Contracts

47.300 Scope of subpart.

47.301 General.

47.301-1 Responsibilities of contracting officers.

47.301-2 Participation of transportation officers.

47.301-3 Using the Defense Transportation System (DTS).

47.302 Place of delivery—f.o.b. point.

47.303 Standard delivery terms and contract clauses.

47.303-1 F.o.b. origin.

47.303-2 F.o.b. origin, contractor’s facility.

47.303-3 F.o.b. origin, freight allowed.

47.303-4 F.o.b. origin, freight prepaid.

47.303-5 F.o.b. origin, with differentials.

47.303-6 F.o.b. destination.

47.303-7 F.o.b. destination, within consignee’s premises.

47.303-8 F.a.s. vessel, port of shipment.

47.303-9 F.o.b. vessel, port of shipment.

47.303-10 F.o.b. inland carrier, point of exportation.

47.303-11 F.o.b. inland point, country of importation.

47.303-12 Ex dock, pier, or warehouse, port of importation.

47.303-13 C. & f. destination.

47.303-14 C.i.f. destination.

47.303-15 F.o.b. designated air carrier’s terminal, point of exportation.

47.303-16 F.o.b. designated air carrier’s terminal, point of importation.

47.303-17 Contractor-prepaid commercial bills of lading, small package shipments.

47.304 Determination of delivery terms.

47.304-1 General.

47.304-2 Shipments within CONUS.

47.304-3 Shipments from CONUS for overseas delivery.

47.304-4 Shipments originating outside CONUS.

47.304-5 Exceptions.

47.305 Solicitation provisions, contract clauses, and transportation factors.

47.305-1 Solicitation requirements.

47.305-2 Solicitations f.o.b. origin and f.o.b. destination—lowest overall cost.

47.305-3 F.o.b. origin solicitations.

47.305-4 F.o.b. destination solicitations.

47.305-5 Destination unknown.

47.305-6 Shipments to ports and air terminals.

47.305-7 Quantity analysis, direct delivery, and reduction of crosshauling and backhauling.

47.305-8 Consolidation of small shipments and the use of stopoff privileges.

47.305-9 Commodity description and freight classification.

47.305-10 Packing, marking, and consignment instructions.

47.305-11 Options in shipment and delivery.

47.305-12 Delivery of Government-furnished property.

47.305-13 Transit arrangements.

47.305-14 Mode of transportation.

47.305-15 Loading responsibilities of contractors.

47.305-16 Shipping characteristics.

47.305-17 Returnable cylinders.

47.306 Transportation factors in the evaluation of offers.

47.306-1 Transportation cost determinations.

47.306-2 Lowest overall transportation costs.

47.306-3 Adequacy of loading and unloading facilities.

Subpart 47.4—Air Transportation by U.S.-Flag Carriers

47.401 Definitions.

47.402 Policy.

47.403 Guidelines for implementation of the Fly America Act.

47.403-1 Availability and unavailability of U.S.-flag air carrier service.

47.403-2 Air transport agreements between the United States and foreign governments.

47.403-3 Disallowance of expenditures.

47.404 Air freight forwarders.

47.405 Contract clause.

Subpart 47.5—Ocean Transportation by U.S.-Flag Vessels

47.500 Scope of subpart.

47.501 Definitions.

47.502 Policy.

47.503 Applicability.

47.504 Exceptions.

47.505 Construction contracts.

47.506 Procedures.

47.507 Contract clauses.