Part 504—Administrative Matters

Subpart 504.1—Contract Execution

504.101 Contracting officer’s signature.

504.103 [Reserved].

Subpart 504.2—Contract Distribution

504.201 Procedures.

504.203 Taxpayer identification information.

Subpart 504.4—Safeguarding Classified Information Within Industry

504.402 General.

504.470 Acquisitions involving classified information.

504.470-1 [Reserved].

504.470-2 [Reserved].

504.471 Processing security requirements checklist (DD Form 254).

504.472 Periodic review.

504.473 Recurring procurement.

504.474 Control of classified information.

504.475 Return of classified information.

504.476 Breaches of security.

Subpart 504.5—Electronic Commerce in Contracting

504.500 [Reserved].

504.502 Policy.

504.570 [Reserved].

Subpart 504.6—Contract Reporting

504.604 Responsibilities.

504.605 Procedures.

504.605-70 Federal Procurement Data System Public–Access to Data.

504.606 Reporting Data.

Subpart 504.8—Government Contract Files

504.800 Scope of subpart.

504.802 Contract files.

504.803 Contents of contract files.

504.804-5 Procedures for closing out contract files.

504.805 Storage, handling, and disposal of contract files.

Subpart 504.9—Taxpayer Identification Number Information

504.902 General.

504.904 Reporting contract information to the IRS.

Subpart 504.11—System for Award Management

504.1103 Procedures.

Subpart 504.13—Personal Identity Verification of Contractor Personnel

504.1301 Policy.

504.1303 Contract clause.

504.1370 Credentials and Access Management.

Subpart 504.16—Unique Procurement Instrument Identifiers

504.1603 Procedures.

Subpart 504.70—[Reserved]