Part 522—Application of Labor Laws to Government Acquisitions

Subpart 522.1—Basic Labor Policies

522.101 Labor relations.

522.101-1 General.

522.101-3 Reporting labor disputes.

522.103 Overtime.

522.103-4 Approvals.

522.103-5 Contract clauses.

Subpart 522.3—Contract Work Hours and Safety Standards Act

522.302 Liquidated damages and overtime pay.

Subpart 522.4—Labor Standards for Contracts Involving Construction

522.404 Construction Wage Rate Requirements wage determinations.

522.404-6 Modifications of wage determinations.

522.406 Administration and enforcement.

522.406-6 Payrolls and statements.

522.406-7 [Reserved]

522.406-8 Investigations.

522.406-9 Withholding from or suspension of contract payments.

522.406-10 Disposition of disputes concerning construction contract labor standards enforcement.

522.406-11 Contract terminations.

522.406-13 Semiannual enforcement reports.

Subpart 522.6—Walsh-Healey Public Contracts Act

522.608 Procedures.

Subpart 522.8—Equal Employment Opportunity

522.803 Responsibilities.

522.804 Affirmative action programs.

522.804-1 Nonconstruction.

522.804-2 Construction.

522.805 Procedures.

522.807 Exemptions.

Subpart 522.10—Service Contract Labor Standards

522.1003 Applicability.

522.1003-3 Statutory exemptions.

522.1003-4 Administrative limitations, variations, tolerances, and exemptions.

522.1003-7 Questions concerning applicability of the Act.

522.1021 Requests for hearing.

Subpart 522.13—Special Disabled Veterans, Veterans of the Vietnam Era, and Other Eligible Veterans

522.1305 Waivers.

522.1308 Complaint procedures.

Subpart 522.14—Employment of Workers With Disabilities

522.1403 Waivers.

522.1406 Complaint procedures.

Subpart 522.15—Prohibition of Acquisition of Products Produced by Forced or Indentured Child Labor

522.1503 Procedures for acquiring end products on the List of Products Requiring Contractor Certification as to Forced or Indentured Child Labor.