Part 532—Contract Financing

Subpart 532.1—Non-Commercial Item Purchase Financing

532.111 Contract clauses for non-commercial purchases.

532.112 Payment of subcontractors under contracts for non-commercial items.

532.112-1 Subcontractor assertions of nonpayment.

Subpart 532.4—Advance Payments for Non-Commercial Items

532.402 General.

532.407 Interest.

Subpart 532.5—Progress Payments Based on Costs

532.501 General.

532.501-2 Unusual progress payments.

532.502 Preaward matters.

532.502-2 Contract finance office clearance.

532.503-5 Administration of progress payments.

532.503-6 Suspension or reduction of payments.

532.503-9 Liquidation rates—alternate method.

Subpart 532.6—Contract Debts

532.606 Debt determination and collection.

Subpart 532.7—Contract Funding

532.700 Scope of subpart.

532.702 Policy.

532.703 Contract funding requirements.

532.705 Unenforceability of unauthorized obligations.

532.706 Contract clauses.

532.706-3 Clause for unenforceability of unauthorized obligations.

Subpart 532.8—Assignment of Claims

532.805 Procedure.

532.806 Contract clauses.

Subpart 532.9—Prompt Payment

532.904 Determining payment due dates.

532.905 Payment documentation and process.

532.905-70 Final payment—construction and building service contracts.

532.908 Contract clauses.

Subpart 532.11—Electronic Funds Transfer

Subpart 532.70—Authorizing Payment by Government Charge Card

532.7002 Solicitation requirements.

532.7003 Contract clause.

Subpart 532.71—[Reserved]

Subpart 532.72—Payments Under Contracts Subject to Audit

532.7201 General.

532.7202 Submission and processing of invoices or vouchers.

532.7203 Action upon receipt of an audit report.

532.7204 Suspension and disapproval of amounts claimed.