Part 553—Forms

Subpart 553.1—General

553.101 Requirements for use of forms.

553.102 Current editions.

553.170 Establishing and revising GSA Forms.

Subpart 553.3—Illustrations of Forms

553.300 Scope of subpart.

553.300-70 Forms not illustrated.

553.370-618D [Removed]

553.370-1378 GSA Form 1378, Record of, and Receipt for, Bids and Responses.

553.370-1458 GSA Form 1458, Motor Vehicle Shop Work Order, Repair and Purchase Order.

553.370-1535A GSA Form 1535A, Recommendation for Award(s) (Continuation).

553.370-1602 GSA Form 1602, Notice Concerning Solicitation.

553.370-1678 GSA Form 1678, Status Report of Orders and Shipments.

553.370-1720 [Removed]

553.370-1766 GSA Form 1766, Structured Approach Profit/Fee Objective.

553.370-2689 Small Business Analysis Record.

553.370-2728 GSA Form 2728, Procurement Contract Register.

553.370-3186 GSA Form 3186, Order for Supplies or Services.

553.370-3186B GSA Form 3186B, Order for Supplies or Services (EDI).

553.370-3410 GSA Form 3410, Request for Appointment.

553.370-3471 GSA Form 3471, Abstract of Offers.

553.370-3521 Blanket Purchase Agreement.

553.370-3577 [Removed]

553.370-3611 GSA Form 3611, Cover Page Source Selection Information.

553.370-8002A GSA Form 8002A, Motor Vehicle Requisition Status.

553.370-8002B GSA Form 8002B, Motor Vehicle Delivery Order.