Part 570—Acquiring Leasehold Interests in Real Property

Subpart 570.1—General

570.101 Applicability.

570.102 Definitions.

570.103 Authority to lease.

570.104 Competition.

570.105 Methods of contracting.

570.105-1 Contracting by negotiation.

570.105-2 Criteria for the use of two-phase desgin-build.

570.106 Advertising, publicizing, and notifications to Congress.

570.106-1 Synopsis of lease awards.

570.107 Oral presentations.

570.108 Responsibility determination.

570.109 Certifications.

570.110 Cost or pricing data and information other than cost or pricing data.

570.111 Inspection and acceptance.

570.112 Awards to Federal employees.

570.113 Disclosure of mistakes after award.

570.114 Protests.

570.115 Novation and change of ownership.

570.116 Contract format.

570.117 Sustainable requirements for lease acquisition.

570.117-1 Federal leadership in environmental, energy, and economic performance.

570.117-2 Guiding principles for federal leadership in high performance and sustainable buildings.

Subpart 570.2—Simplified Lease Acquisition Procedures

570.201 Purpose.

570.202 Policy.

570.203 Procedures.

570.203-1 Market survey.

570.203-2 Competition.

570.203-3 Soliciting offers.

570.203-4 Negotiation, evaluation, and award.

Subpart 570.3—Acquisition Procedures for Leasehold Interests in Real Property Over the Simplified Lease Acquisition Threshold

570.301 Market survey.

570.302 Description of requirements.

570.303 Solicitation for offers.

570.303-1 Preparing the SFO.

570.303-2 Issuing the SFO.

570.303-3 Late offers, modifications of offers, and withdrawals of offers.

570.303-4 Changes to SFOs.

570.304 General source selection procedures.

570.305 Two-phase design-build selection procedures.

570.306 Evaluating offers.

570.307 Negotiations.

570.308 Award.

570.309 Debriefings.

Subpart 570.4—Special Aspects of Contracting for Continued Space Requirements

570.401 Renewal options.

570.402 Succeeding leases.

570.402-1 General.

570.402-2 Publicizing/Advertising.

570.402-3 Market survey.

570.402-4 No potential acceptable locations.

570.402-5 Potential acceptable locations.

570.402-6 Cost-benefit analysis.

570.403 Expansion requests.

570.404 Superseding leases.

570.405 Lease extensions.

Subpart 570.5—Special Aspects of Contracting for Lease Alterations

570.501 General.

570.502 Alterations by the lessor.

570.502-1 Justification and approval requirements.

570.502-2 Procedures.

570.503 Alterations by the Government or through a separate contract.

Subpart 570.6—Contracting for Overtime Services and Utilities in Leases

570.601 General.

Subpart 570.7—Solicitation Provisions and Contract Clauses

570.701 FAR provisions and clauses.

570.702 GSAR solicitation provisions.

570.703 GSAR contract clauses.

570.704 Deviations to provisions and clauses.

Subpart 570.8—Forms

570.801 Standard forms.

570.802 GSA forms.