Part Number: 801

Veterans Affairs Acquisition Regulations

801.602 Contracting officers.

(a) Except as otherwise provided by statute, VA regulations, the VAAR, or the FAR, the authority vested in the Secretary to do the following is delegated to the SPE and is further delegated from the SPE to the DSPE:

(1) Execute, award, and administer contracts, purchase orders, and other agreements (including interagency agreements) for the expenditure of funds for construction and the acquisition of personal property and services (including architect-engineer services).

(2) Issue bills of lading.

(3) Sell personal property.

(4) Enter into leases, sales agreements, and other transactions.

(5) Prescribe and publish acquisition policies and procedures.

(6) Establish clear lines of contracting authority.

(7) Manage and enhance career development of the procurement work force.

(8) Examine, in coordination with the Office of Federal Procurement Policy, the procurement system to determine specific areas where VA should establish and apply Government-wide performance standards, and to participate in developing Government-wide procurement policies, regulations, and standards.

(9) Oversee the competition advocate program.

(b) The DSPE may further delegate authority to execute, award, and administer contracts, purchase orders, and other agreements to other VA officials, such as HCAs and contracting officers, in accordance with the COCP.