Part Number: 801

Veterans Affairs Acquisition Regulations

801.670-3 Medical, dental, and ancillary service.

(a) When medical, dental, and ancillary services under $10,000 per authorization are not available from an existing contract or agreement, the following VA officials at VA medical facilities may authorize these services:

(1) The Chief of Staff and the physician assigned the responsibility for the ambulatory care function.

(2) Chief, Medical Administration Service, or the person designated by the facility director to perform medical administration functions.

(b) Forms specified in Part 853 shall be used for ordering services under this paragraph from existing contracts.

(c) The officials named in paragraph (a) of this section may designate one or more of their subordinates to exercise the authority in paragraph (a) of this section.

(d) A designation under this section must be in writing and specifically set forth the scope and limitations of the designee's authority.