Part Number: 801

Veterans Affairs Acquisition Regulations

801.690-1 Definitions.

Accredited college or university means a college or university that has been accredited by an accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education (see or accredited by a foreign government.

ACEP means the Acquisition Continuing Education Program, a program to provide VA's acquisition workforce with classroom knowledge to further develop their acquisition skills. The program supports VA personnel in the GS 1102 contracting series, other contracting officers (regardless of General Schedule series), contracting officers' technical representatives, and contracting officers' representatives to ensure that they meet the continuing education requirements mandated by OFPP Policy Letter No. 05-01, Developing and Managing the Acquisition Workforce, dated April 15, 2005 (see and the OFPP Memorandum dated January 20, 2006, titled The Federal Acquisition Certification in Contracting Program (see

ACM means the Acquisition Career Manager, who is the Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary for Acquisitions.

Acquisition Workforce means those VA employees who are classified as: GS 1102 contract specialists; GS 1105 purchasing agents; contracting officers warranted above the micro-purchase threshold; program and project managers and other significant acquisition-related positions as otherwise identified by the VA Chief Acquisition Officer; contracting officers' technical representatives; and contracting officers' representatives. The acquisition workforce may also include a limited number of employees that perform significant acquisition-related responsibilities, (e.g., employees in the GS-345, GS-346, GS-801, GS-1101, GS-1106, GS-1170, GS-2001, GS-2003, and GS-2005 job series and select program officials).

Appointment means the delegation of authority to any VA employee to enter into, administer, or terminate contracts and to make related determinations and findings.

ATCD means the Acquisition Training and Career Development Division.

Certificate of Appointment as Contracting Officer is a signed certificate on Standard Form 1402 used for the written appointment of contracting officers that states the scope, limitation, and term of the contracting officer's authority.

CLP means continuous learning point, as provided in OFPP Policy Letter 05-01. One CLP is generally equivalent to one hour of classroom training.

COCB means the Contracting Officers Certification Board, a group of VA officials, listed at 801.690-3(c), who evaluate and recommend to the DSPE individuals for delegation of contracting authority as Level II warrant or Level III warrant (Senior Limited or Unlimited) contracting officers.

COCP means the Contracting Officers Certification Program, VA's program established for the selection, appointment, and termination of appointment of contracting officers.

COQS means the Contracting Officer Qualification Statement, a document completed by a candidate for a position as contracting officer that accompanies the request for contracting authority. The certified statement includes information on experience, education, training, and pertinent contracting authority information. The COQS is accompanied by supporting documentation such as training certificates, copies of prior and current warrants, college transcripts, and other relevant information.

Federal Acquisition Certification (see OFPP Policy Letter 05-01, paragraph 8) means a certification program developed by the Federal Acquisition Institute and OFPP that generally reflects a Government-wide standard for education, training, and experience leading to the fulfillment of core competencies in acquisition-related disciplines.

Selection means the appointment of an employee as a contracting officer. The selection process shall consider the complexity and dollar value of the assigned work, the candidate's experience, training, education, business acumen, judgment, character, reputation, and knowledge of acquisition policies, rules and regulations.

Skills Currency means the level of knowledge and abilities that a Level I warrant or higher level warrant contracting officer attains as the result of participating in a minimum of 80 CLPs of continuing education or training every two years. The training is intended to ensure that the employee maintains current acquisition knowledge and skills, as mandated by OFPP Policy Letter No. 05-01 and the OFPP Memorandum dated January 20, 2006, titled The Federal Acquisition Certification in Contracting Program.

Termination means the revocation or rescission of an appointment as contracting officer.