Part Number: 801

Veterans Affairs Acquisition Regulations

801.690-6 Appointment.

(a) Only the DSPE (for Level II and Level III (Senior Limited or Unlimited)) warrants and the respective HCA (for Level I warrants) may sign the Certificate of Appointment as Contracting Officer. HCAs are authorized to grant Micro-purchase Level and Level I warrant contracting authority up to the thresholds specified for these authorities at 801.690-2(c). The HCA may recommend a candidate to the DSPE for appointment as a Level II warrant or Level III warrant contracting officer. Only the DSPE may grant Level II warrant, Level III (Senior Limited or Unlimited) warrant, and Multi-VISN authority.

(b) All Certificates of Appointment as Contracting Officers and other written documents must clearly state any limitations or restrictions on the authority.

(c) The Privacy Act of 1974 applies to the information collected during contracting officer selection and appointment.