22.1018 Notification to contractors and employees.

The contracting officer shall take the following steps to ensure that service employees are notified of minimum wages and fringe benefits.

(a) As soon as possible after contract award, inform the contractor of the labor standards requirements of the contract relating to the Service Contract Labor Standards statute and of the contractor’s responsibilities under these requirements, unless it is clear that the contractor is fully informed.

(b) At the time of award, furnish the contractor Department of Labor Publication WH-1313, Notice to Employees Working on Government Contracts, for posting at a prominent and accessible place at the worksite before contract performance begins. The publication advises employees of the compensation (wages and fringe benefits) required to be paid or furnished under the Service Contract Labor Standards statute and satisfies the notice requirements in paragraph (g) of the clause at 52.222-41, Service Contract Labor Standards.

(c) Attach any applicable wage determination to Publication WH-1313.