52.222-16 Approval of Wage Rates.

As prescribed in 22.407(b), insert the following clause:

Approval of Wage Rates (May 2014)

All straight time wage rates, and overtime rates based thereon, for laborers and mechanics engaged in work under this contract must be submitted for approval in writing by the head of the contracting activity or a representative expressly designated for this purpose, if the straight time wages exceed the rates for corresponding classifications contained in the applicable Construction Wage Rate Requirements minimum wage determination included in the contract. Any amount paid by the Contractor to any laborer or mechanic in excess of the agency approved wage rate shall be at the expense of the Contractor and shall not be reimbursed by the Government. If the Government refuses to authorize the use of the overtime, the Contractor is not released from the obligation to pay employees at the required overtime rates for any overtime actually worked.

(End of clause)