252.232-7005 Reimbursement of Subcontractor Advance Payments—DoD Pilot Mentor-Protege Program.

As prescribed in 232.412-70 (b), use the following clause:


(a) The Government will reimburse the Contractor for any advance payments made by the Contractor, as a mentor firm, to a protege firm, pursuant to an approved mentor-protege agreement, provided—

(1) The Contractor’s subcontract with the protege firm includes a provision substantially the same as FAR 52.232-12, Advance Payments;

(2) The Contractor has administered the advance payments in accordance with the policies of FAR Subpart 32.4; and

(3) The Contractor agrees that any financial loss resulting from the failure or inability of the protege firm to repay any unliquidated advance payments is the sole financial responsibility of the Contractor.

(b) For a fixed price type contract, advance payments made to a protege firm shall be paid and administered as if they were 100 percent progress payments. The Contractor shall include as a separate attachment with each Standard Form (SF) 1443, Contractor’s Request for Progress Payment, a request for reimbursement of advance payments made to a protege firm. The attachment shall provide a separate calculation of lines 14a through 14e of SF 1443 for each protege, reflecting the status of advance payments made to that protege.

(c) For cost reimbursable contracts, reimbursement of advance payments shall be made via public voucher. The Contractor shall show the amounts of advance payments made to each protege on the public voucher, in the form and detail directed by the cognizant contracting officer or contract auditor.

(End of clause)