516.506 Solicitation provisions and contract clauses.

(a)  In solicitations and contracts for Special Order Program items, when the contract authorizes the Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) and other activities to issue delivery or task orders, insert the clause at 552.216-72, Placement of Orders. If only FAS will issue delivery or task orders, insert the clause with its Alternate I.

(b)  If the clause at 552.216-72 is prescribed, insert the provision at 552.216-73, Ordering Information, in solicitations for Special Order Program items and in other FAS Program solicitations. Use 552.216-73 Alternate I when 552.216-72 Alternate I is prescribed.

(c)  The Contracting Officer may insert clause 552.216-75 in solicitations and GSA-awarded IDIQ contracts, not including Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) contracts. This clause should be included in all GSA-awarded Governmentwide acquisition contracts and multi-agency contracts. See 538.273 for clauses applicable to FSS contracts.