552.238-99 Delivery Prices Overseas.

As prescribed in 538.273 (d)(23) insert the following clause:

Delivery Prices Overseas (May 2019)

(a) Prices offered must cover delivery to destinations as provided as follows:

(1) Direct delivery to consignee. F.O.B. Inland Point, Country of Importation (FAR 52.247-39). (Offeror should indicate countries where direct delivery will be provided.)

(2) Delivery to overseas assembly point for transshipment when specified by the ordering activity, if delivery is not covered under paragraph (1), above.

(3) Delivery to the overseas port of entry when delivery is not covered under paragraph (a)(1) or (2) of this section.

(b) Geographic area(s)/countries/zones which are intended to be covered must be identified in the offer.

(End of clause)