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FAR Council Retrospective Plan

FAR Council Plan for Retrospective Analysis of Existing Rules and Paperwork Burden Plan
As called for by President Obama in Executive Order 13563, "to facilitate the periodic review of existing significant regulations," The FAR Council finalized its plan to perform a retrospective review of existing significant regulations. In May 2012, the President issued Executive Order 13610, which requires Federal agencies to continually scrutinize rules and requirements on the books to make sure they are still necessary, streamlined and up-to-date. He emphasized that agencies should give special consideration to reducing burdens on small businesses and should prioritize “initiatives that will produce significant quantifiable monetary savings or significant quantifiable reductions in paperwork burdens.” Following up on that directive, last June the Administration launched an aggressive paperwork burden reduction effort to eliminate unnecessary burdens on the American people and businesses. Agencies across the Administration, including the FAR Council, heeded the President’s call and submitted a paperwork reduction plan.

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