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Introducing Exciting New Features: Style Formatter & Smart Matrix Updates

Submitted by steven.gebrema… on Mon, 05/08/2023 - 15:27

Introducing Exciting New Features: Style Formatter & Smart Matrix Updates


The Team is excited to introduce several innovative features: the FAR Style Formatter and enhancements to the Smart Matrix functionality. Our goal is to make your experience with regulatory information more efficient, enjoyable, and accessible. Here's a quick rundown of these fantastic new additions:

Style Formatter: Personalize Your Reading Experience.

  • When browsing the FAR, you will see in the left navigation bar the new Style Formatter. Simply toggle the button on or off to customize your text alignment.
    • Toggle Off: Enjoy a traditional first-line indent layout, perfect for those who prefer classic formatting or are used to printed materials.

      image of toggle off on bottom left of screen
    • Toggle On: Embrace a clean, left-justified format for an easily digestible and accessible reading experience on all digital devices.

       toggle on style formatter in bottom left of screen

In a nutshell, the Style Formatter offers a user-friendly, adaptable solution that meets diverse reading preferences.

Ensuring the accuracy of the clause Matrix is a continuous effort that takes seriously.  The FAR analysts and CAAC work together to update the matrix to improve the usability of the Smart Matrix clauses and provisions. The Smart Matrix now includes the following updates:

Smart Matrix (FAR CP/CS Designations): Keeping The Data Updated For Improved Acquisitions.

  • Reviewed the matrix data and applied updates.
  • Updated the matrix “(CI) - Commercial Items column to “(CP/CS)” - Commercial Products / Commercial Services. Added two additional selections for the new CP/CS column. These selections are one or two asterisks (i.e., * or **). The definitions for the asterisks are as follows:
    • The CP/CS column will have one asterisk * if the clause will be Incorporated By Reference (IBR) into the solicitation/contract for a commercial acquisition, but a CO would not have to take any steps to incorporate them (see 52.212-4(d), 52.212-4(e), and 52.212-5(a)).
    • The CP/CS column will have two asterisks ** if the clause may be required to be in the solicitation/contract for a commercial acquisition, and a CO would have to take an additional step to incorporate them. The additional step is to complete the fill-in portions at 52.212-5(b) - required when applicable for CP/CS contracts, and 52.212-5(c) - required when applicable for commercial service contracts.

Additionally, collaborated with the GSAR policy analysts to update the GSAR Matrix. Due to this update, the GSAR clauses and provisions are now included in the Smart Matrix:

Smart Matrix (GSAR): Streamline Your GSA Acquisitions

  • Unified interface: Access FAR and GSAR regulations in one convenient location, eliminating the need to consult multiple sources.
  • Comprehensive search: Find provisions and clauses using keywords, numbers, or titles across both FAR and GSAR.
  • Customizable filters: Apply GSA-specific filters to identify applicable provisions and clauses accurately.
  • Consistent formatting: View both regulations in a clear, easy-to-read format with relevant guidance.
  • Up-to-date information: Always have access to the latest provisions and clauses for FAR and GSAR.
  • Enhanced export functionality: Export filtered lists of provisions and clauses to various document formats for further analysis.

With the GSAR Smart Matrix, contracting officers, procurement professionals, and vendors can easily navigate the complex world of federal government acquisitions, ensuring efficiency and compliance in GSA-specific contracts.

Explore these new features and experience the benefits firsthand. As always, we appreciate your continued support and welcome any feedback you may have. Submit any feedback through our Contact Us page.

In addition, we're thrilled to share that the Smart Matrix's versatility extends beyond the FAR and GSAR, as it can be adapted to accommodate other Agency Acquisition Regulations as well. If you find our Smart Matrix valuable and want your acquisition regulation included in this user-friendly platform, we're just an email away! Please feel free to reach out to us at Our team is eager to explore how we can further enhance your acquisition experience and provide a seamless, integrated solution catering to your needs. Let's make acquisition processes more efficient and accessible for everyone involved!

Happy browsing!

Best regards,

The Team