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Update on FAR Forms Project

Submitted by illia.stankevy… on Mon, 10/23/2023 - 16:17

Update on FAR Forms Project


In support of Executive Order 13985 of January 20, 2021, Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government, a review of the standard forms covered by the FAR was conducted. The review focused on equity issues to remove barriers to access for underserved communities by identifying ways to improve the usability of the FAR standard forms. We identified six visual changes to improve the accessibility of the FAR forms. 

  1. Replace text in all CAPS with standard title form text (i.e., for each word, capitalize the first letter). Use bold text to identify titles.
  2. Use consistent font size; adjust the forms to 12-point text.
  3. Replace centered text with left justified.
  4. Replace italicized text with standard text. 
  5. Increase the space between lines of text throughout the form.
  6. Move the Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA) statement to the end of the form for forms subject to the PRA.

No policy within the standard forms has been changed; changes are visual.

A Federal Register Notice was published on October 18, 2023, announcing the visual updates to the forms. Eleven construction contracting related forms are available now, and another 43 FAR standard forms should be available in the GSA Forms Library by the end of the calendar year.