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Part Number: 452

Agriculture Acquisition Regulation

452.237-76 Progress Reporting.

As prescribed in 437.270(a), insert a clause substantially as follows:

Progress Reporting (FEB 1988)

The Contractor shall submit a progress report ______*, covering work accomplished during that period of the contract performance. The progress report shall be brief and factual and shall be prepared in accordance with the following format:

(a) A cover page containing:

(1) Contract number and title;

(2) Type of report, sequence number of report, and period of performance being reported;

(3) Contractor's name and address;

(4) Author(s); and

(5) Date of report.

(b) Section I - An introduction covering the purpose and scope of the contract effort. This shall be limited to one paragraph in all but the first and final month's narrative.

(c) Section II - A description of overall progress plus a separate description of each task or other logical segment of work on which effort was expended during the report period. The description shall include pertinent data and/or graphs in sufficient detail to explain any significant results achieved.

(d) Section III - A description of current technical or substantive performance, and any problem(s) which may impede performance along with proposed corrective action.

(e) Section IV - A planning schedule shall be included with the first progress report for all assigned tasks required under the contract, along with the estimated starting and completion dates for each task. The planning schedule shall be updated and submitted with each subsequent technical progress report, including an explanation of any difference between actual progress and planned progress, why the differences have occurred, and - if behind planned progress - what corrective steps are planned.

(f) Section V - If applicable, financial information shall be submitted for each major task or line item cost.

Data shall include:

(1) The total estimated cost budgeted (fee excluded).

(2) The estimated cost expended during the current reporting period.

(3) Identification of direct labor hours of prime contractor and subcontractor(s) and/or consultant(s), if applicable.

(4) Total project to-date expenditures.

(5) Total remaining funds.

(End of clause)

* Contracting Officer shall insert frequency of reporting requirement.