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Part Number: 422

Agriculture Acquisition Regulation

Subpart 422.8 - Equal Employment Opportunity

422.803 Responsibilities.

The contracting office shall submit questions involving the applicability of Executive Order 11246 and FAR subpart 22.8 through the HCA to the SPE for resolution.

422.804 Affirmative action programs.

422.804-2 Construction.

The HCA shall ensure that each contracting office, awarding nonexempt construction contracts, maintains a current listing of covered geographical areas subject to affirmative action requirements specifying goals for minorities and women in covered construction trades.

422.807 Exemptions.

(a) The Assistant Secretary for Administration is authorized to make the determination in FAR 22.807(a)

(1) that a contract is essential to the national security.

(b) The contracting officer shall submit requests for exemptions under FAR 22.807(a)(1), (a)(2), and (b)(5) through the HCA to the SPE for determination by the Assistant Secretary of Administration or referral to the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Federal Contract Compliance Programs, Department of Labor, as appropriate.