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Part Number: 909

Department of Energy Acquisition Regulation

909.406-70 Requests for reconsideration of debarment.

(a) At any time during a period of debarment, a respondent may submit to the Debarring or Suspending Official a written request for reconsideration of the scope, duration, or effects of the suspension/debarment action because of new information or changed circumstances, as discussed at 48 CFR 9.406-4(c).

(b) In reviewing a request for reconsideration, the Debarring or Suspending Official may, in his or her discretion, utilize any of the procedures (meeting and fact-finding) set forth in 909.406-3 and 909.407-3. The Debarring or Suspending Official's final disposition of the reconsideration request shall be in writing and shall set forth the reasons why the request has been granted or denied. A notice transmitting a copy of the disposition of the request for reconsideration shall be sent to the respondent.