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Part Number: 915

Department of Energy Acquisition Regulation

915.404-4-71-1 General.

(a) Business concerns awarded a DOE construction or construction management contract shall be paid a profit or fee if requested or solicited. The profit or fee objective for a construction or construction management contract shall be an amount appropriate for the type of effort contained therein. It is the intent of DOE to -

(1) Reward contractors based on the complexity of work;

(2) Reward contractors who demonstrate and establish excellent records of performance; and

(3) Reward contractors who contribute their own resources, including facilities and investment of capital.

(b) Standard fees or across-the-board agreements will not be used or made. Profit or fee objectives are to be determined for each contract according to the effort or task contracted thereunder.

(c) Profit or fee payable on fixed-price and cost-reimbursable construction or construction management contracts shall be established in accordance with the appropriate procedures and schedules set forth in this subpart.