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Part Number: 917

Department of Energy Acquisition Regulation

917.7001 Policy.

(a) When DOE supports performer research, development, and/or demonstration efforts, where the principal purpose is ultimate commercialization and utilization of the technologies by the private sector, and when there are reasonable expectations that the performer will receive present or future economic benefits beyond the instant contract as a result of performance of the effort, it is DOE policy to obtain cost participation. Full funding may be provided for early phases of development programs when the technological problems are still great.

(b) In making the determination to obtain cost participation, and evaluating present and future economic benefits to the performer, DOE will consider the technical feasibility, projected economic viability, societal and political acceptability of commercial application, as well as possible effects of other DOE-supported projects in competing technologies.

(c) The propriety, manner, and amount of cost participation must be decided on a case-by-case basis.

(d) Cost participation is required for demonstration projects unless exempted by the Under Secretary. Demonstration projects, pursuant to this subpart, include demonstrations of technological advances and field demonstrations of new methods and procedures, and demonstrations of prototype commercial applications for the exploration, development, production, transportation, conversion, and utilization of energy resources.