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Part Number: 908

Department of Energy Acquisition Regulation

Subpart 908.11 - Leasing of Motor Vehicles

Source: 61 FR 41705, Aug. 9, 1996, unless otherwise noted.

908.1102 Presolicitation requirements.

908.1102-70 Vehicle leasing.

(a)(4) Commercial vehicle lease sources may be used only when the General Services Administration (GSA) has advised that it cannot furnish the vehicle(s) through the Interagency Motor Pool System and it has been determined that the vehicle(s) are not available through the GSA Consolidated Leasing Program. All subsequent lease renewals or extensions may be exercised only when GSA has advised that it cannot furnish the vehicle(s) as prescribed herein.

908.1104 Contract clauses.

(f) The clause at 952.208-7, Tagging of Leased Vehicles, shall be inserted whenever a vehicle(s) is to be leased over 60 days, except for those vehicles exempted by Federal Management Regulation (FMR) 41 CFR 102-34.160, 102-34.175, and 102-34.180.

908.1170 Leasing of fuel-efficient vehicles.

(a) All sedans and station wagons and certain types of light trucks, as specified by GSA, that are acquired by lease for 60 continuous days or more for official use by DOE or its authorized contractors, are subject to the requirements of the Energy Policy and Conservation Act of 1975 (EPCA), Public Law 94-163 and of Executive Order 12003 and subsequent implementing regulations.

(b) Leased vehicles will meet the miles-per-gallon criteria of, and be incorporated in, the approved plan of the fiscal year in which leases are initiated, reviewed, extended, or increased in scope. Vehicle leases will specify the vehicle model type to be provided.