Part Number: 928

Department of Energy Acquisition Regulation

Subpart 928.3 - Insurance

928.301 Policy.

The DOE policies and procedures for indemnification of DOE contractors are set forth in 48 CFR part 50 and part 950.

928.370 Service-type insurance policies.

(a) Service-type insurance policies are cost-reimbursement type contracts or subcontracts in which the insurer provides claim and loss adjustment services on a cost reimbursement basis, which satisfies state and Federal insurance requirements.

(b) Service-type insurance policies may be used with contracting officer approval, when one or more of the following conditions are present -

(1) Pure risk commercial insurance is not available or, if available, cost is not considered reasonable;

(2) Inherent risks in the contract are new and a part of the process of commercialization;

(3) The service-type insurance is needed to implement jointly funded projects; or

(4) The service-type insurance arrangement is considered in the Government's best interest.