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Part Number: 1536

Environmental Protection Agency Acquisition Regulation


Subpart 1536.2 - Special Aspects of Contracting for Construction

1536.209 Construction contracts with architect-engineer firms.

(a) The provisions of FAR 36.209 do not apply to subcontractors performing treatability studies.

(b) The provisions of FAR 36.209 also do not apply to subcontractors whose input during the design phase does not substantially affect the course of the design work.

(c) Approval under FAR 36.209 is not required for subcontractors under paragraph (a) or (b) of this section. Approval for all other subcontractors and prime contractors may be granted by the Chief of the Contracting Office. In reviewing requests for approval, the Chief of the Contracting Office shall consider factors such as the availability of other firms to perform the necessary construction or Superfund remedial action work, the estimated cost to the Government, and the policy of the Agency to promote the use of innovative technology.

Subpart 1536.5 - Contract Clauses

1536.521 Specifications and drawings for construction.

The Contracting Officer shall insert the clause at 1552.236-70, Samples and Certificates, in soliciations and contracts when a fixed price construction contract is expected to exceed the simplified acquisition threshold limitation. The clause may be inserted in solicitations and contracts when the contract is expected to be within the simplified acquisition threshold limitation.

Subpart 1536.6 - Architect-Engineer Services

1536.602 Selection of firms for architect-engineer contracts.

1536.602-2 Establishment of evaluation boards.

(a) The Environmental Protection Agency Architect-Engineer Evaluation Board is established as a central permanent Board located at Headquarters EPA under authority delegated to the Director, Office of Acquisition Management, which may be re-delegated.

(b) The Service Center Manager (SCM) is delegated the authority to appoint either one or two additional voting members as may be appropriate for a particular project.

(c) In the event of an emergency or extended absence, a member may designate, in writing, with the concurrence of the Chairperson, an alternate experienced in architecture, engineering, or construction to serve in his/her absence.

(d) The duties of the advisory member shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

(1) Assuring that the criteria set forth in the public notice are applied in the evaluation process; and

(2) Assuring that actions taken during the evaluation process do not compromise subsequent procurement actions.