Part Number: 352

Health and Human Services Acquisition Regulation

352.208-70 Printing and Duplication.

As prescribed in HHSAR 308.803, the Contracting Officer shall insert the following clause:

Printing and Duplication (DEC 2015)

(a) Unless otherwise specified in this contract, no printing by the Contractor or any subcontractor is authorized under this contract. All printing required must be performed by the Government Printing Office except as authorized by the Contracting Officer. The Contractor shall submit camera-ready copies to the Contracting Officer's Representative (COR). The terms “printing” and “duplicating/copying” are defined in the Government Printing and Binding Regulations of the Joint Committee on Printing.

(b) If necessary for performance of the contract, the Contractor may duplicate or copy less than 5,000 production units of only one page, or less than 25,000 production units in aggregate of multiple pages for the use of a department or agency. A production unit is defined as one sheet, size 8.5 x 11 inches, one side only, and one color. The pages may not exceed a maximum image size of 10 3/4 by 14 1/4 inches. This page limit applies to each printing requirement and not for all printing requirements under the entire contract.

(c) Approval for all printing, as well as duplicating/copying in excess of the stated limits, shall be obtained from the COR who will consult with the designated publishing services office and provide direction to the contractor. The cost of any unauthorized printing or duplicating/copying under this contract will be considered an unallowable cost for which the Contractor will not be reimbursed.