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Part Number: 2802

Justice Acquisition Regulation

2802.101 Definitions.

Throughout this chapter, the following words and terms are used as defined in this subpart unless the context in which they appear clearly requires a different meaning, or a different definition is prescribed for a particular part or portion of a part.

(a) Agency means the Department of Justice.

(b) Bureau means contracting activity. (See “contracting activity” in this subpart.)

(c) Bureau Procurement Chief or BPC means the supervisory official who is directly responsible for supervising, managing, and directing all contracting offices of the bureau.

(d) Cardholder means an individual entrusted with a Government Purchase Card.

(e) Chief Acquisition Officer or CAO means the official appointed to assist the head of the agency and other agency officials to ensure the mission of the agency is achieved through the management of the agency's acquisition activities.

(f) Chief of the Contracting Office means that supervisory official who is directly responsible for supervising, managing and directing a contracting office.

(g) Contracting activity means a component within the Department which has been delegated procurement authority to manage contracting functions associated with its mission (see 2801.601(a)).

(h) Department or DOJ means the Department of Justice.

(i) Head of the Contracting Activity or HCA means those officials identified in 2801.601(a) having responsibility for supervising, managing, and directing the operations of the contracting activity.

(j) JAR means the Department of Justice Acquisition Regulation in this chapter.

(k) JMD means the Justice Management Division.

(l) OIG means DOJ's Office of the Inspector General.

(m) Suspension and Debarment Official or SDO means the employee designated to impose suspension and debarment for the Department of Justice.

(n) Senior Procurement Executive or SPE means the official designated to be responsible for management direction of the Department of Justice procurement system, including implementation of unique procurement policies, regulations, and standards of the Department of Justice.