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Part Number: 2803

Justice Acquisition Regulation

Subpart 2803.2 - Contractor Gratuities to Government Personnel

2803.203 Reporting suspected violations of the Gratuities clause.

DOJ personnel shall report suspected violations of the gratuities clause, FAR 52.203-3, to the contracting officer or chief of the contracting office in writing. The report shall clearly state the circumstances surrounding the incident, including the nature of the gratuity, the time period in which it occurred, the behavior or action the gratuity was intended to influence, and the persons involved. The contracting officer or chief of the contracting office, after review, shall forward the report along with his or her recommendations regarding the treatment of the violation in accordance with FAR 3.204(c) to the HCA, or designee.

2803.204 Treatment of violations.

(a) The HCA or designee shall determine whether adverse action against the contractor in accordance with FAR 3.204(c) may be taken. In reaching a decision, the HCA or designee shall consult with the contracting activity's legal advisor and the OIG or other office designated in Attorney General Order 1931-94.

(b) The SPE shall be advised of all instances where violations have been determined to have occurred and any action taken as a result.

(c) Prior to taking any action against the contractor, the HCA or designee shall allow the contractor the opportunity to present opposing arguments in accordance with FAR 3.204(b).