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Part Number: 908

Department of Energy Acquisition Regulation

908.7101-6 Acquisition of fuel-efficient vehicles.

(a) All purchases of sedans and station wagons, and certain types of light trucks as specified by GSA, are subject to the requirements of the Energy Policy and Conservation Act of 1975 (EPCA), Pub. L. 94-163, and of Executive Orders 12003 and 12375 and subsequent implementing regulations. Accordingly, the Director of Administration and the Heads of Contracting Activities will submit annually to the Director, Personal Property Policy Division, within the Headquarters procurement organization, for approval, a forecast of plans for the purchase of such vehicles during the fiscal year. Such forecast shall be submitted to the Property Executive, or designee.

(b) Approved sedans, station wagons, and light trucks requisitioned, but not contracted for by GSA until the subsequent fiscal year, shall be included in the acquisition plan for the miles-per-gallon criteria of the year in which GSA signs the purchase contract along with the new vehicles planned for acquisition that year.