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Part Number: 908

Department of Energy Acquisition Regulation

908.7101-7 Government license tags.

(a) Government license tags shall be procured and assignments recorded by DOE offices in accordance with 41 CFR 102-34.140.

(b) The letter “E” has been designated as the prefix symbol for all DOE official license tags. Assignment of new tag numbers will be made by UNICOR via the UNICOR online vehicle license tag ordering data base. Contractors must obtain approval from their Federal fleet manager or OPMO for authorization to utilize the UNICOR data base. Director, Personal Property Policy Division, within the Headquarters procurement organization will maintain tag assignment records issued by UNICOR.

(c) Special license tags for security purposes shall be purchased in accordance with state and local laws, regulations, and procedures.

(d) In the District of Columbia, official Government tags shall be obtained from the Department of Transportation, Motor Vehicles Services Branch, District of Columbia, for all motor vehicles (except vehicles exempt for security purposes) based or housed in the District.

(e) See 41 CFR 109-38.202-2 and 109-38.202-3 for additional guidance.