Part Number: Part 2905

Department of Labor Acquisition Regulation


Subpart 2905.1 - Dissemination of Information

2905.101 Methods of disseminating information.

Contracting officers may only use the Government Point of Entry (GPE) for synopsis and dissemination of information concerning procurement actions. The Division of Acquisition Management Services manages the DOL account.

Subpart 2905.2 - Synopsis of Proposed Contract Actions

2905.202 Exceptions.

The Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management is authorized to make the determination prescribed in FAR 5.202(b). A written determination documenting the reasons why advance notice is not appropriate or reasonable must be submitted by the HCA for appropriate action including communication with the officials listed in FAR 5.202(b).

Subpart 2905.4 - Release Of Information

2905.402 General public.

(a) Unless the HCA determines that disclosure would be prejudicial to the interests of DOL, if a list of interested parties is collected in reference to a solicitation, it may be released upon request.

(b) Any request for release of information is subject to the Freedom of Information Act and FAR 24.2.

2905.403 Requests from Members of Congress.

All proposed responses to Congressional inquiries must be prepared and forwarded for coordination with the Office of the Solicitor and the Office of Congressional and Intergovernmental Affairs to determine whether circumstances exist that will allow the release of additional information. In such instances, the Congressional requestor must be furnished an interim reply providing the information that is releasable. The interim reply must describe the problem that precludes release of any requested materials and describe generally what steps, if any, are being taken to make such information available.

2905.404 Release procedures.

HCAs are authorized to release long-range acquisition estimates under the conditions in FAR 5.404-1.

Subpart 2905.5 - Paid Advertisements

2905.501 Scope.

This subpart provides policies and procedures for the procurement of paid advertising as covered by 5 U.S.C. 302, and 44 U.S.C. 3701, 3702, and 3703.

2905.502 Authority.

When it is deemed necessary to use paid advertisements in newspapers and trade journals, written authority for such publication may be obtained from the HCA or designee.

2905.503 Procedures.

(a) Prior to obtaining HCA approval, an agency should seek legal review to determine whether it has appropriate legal authority for advertising. The HCA exercising the authority delegated by 2905.502 must do so in accordance with the procedures set forth in FAR 5.503 and those in this section.

(b) Requests for procurement of advertising must be accompanied by written authority to advertise or publish which sets forth justification and includes the names of newspapers or journals concerned, frequency and dates of proposed advertisements, estimated cost, and other pertinent information.