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Change Number: 2023-0717
Effective Date: 07/17/2023




5604.103 Contract Clause. (Removed August 2017).


5604.202 Agency Distribution Requirements.

(Revised November 2018)

Follow the procedures in Part 4, Item 1 of the DCG for the distribution of contracts and modifications.

Contracting Officers shall obtain OPSEC review from the local OPSEC manager/coordinator for all documents or information that will be posted or distributed to the public.


5604.402 General.

(Revised June 2021)

All procedures involving safeguarding both classified and unclassified information must be made in accordance with FAR 4.4 , DFARS 204.4 , and the local security requirements and procedures.

5604.403 Responsibilities of contracting officers.

(Revised July 2023)

(a) Contracting officers must insert the clause 5652.204-9001, Cognizant Security Office, when utilizing FAR 52.204-2, Security Requirements.

(b) Contracting officers shall insert the clause 5652.204-9003. Disclosure of Unclassified Information, in all USSOCOM solicitations and contracts. All requests made pursuant to this clause shall be coordinated through the Information Review and Release Tool (IR/RT) for Distribution A (IAW DoDD 5230.24) for HQ personnel. Components and TSOCs will use their local resources to achieve the same level of review.

When contracting for fundamental research with non-profits and universities, contracting officers may use a less restrictive one-time use clause in place of 5652.204-9003, after consulting with legal and in accordance with DoDD 5230.24.

(c) To ensure appropriate control of classified material within the contracting office, no foreign firm or individual will be added to any source list which may, at present or eventually, require or permit access to classified material during any phase of procurement without the written concurrence of the contracting office's servicing Security Management Office.

5604.404-80 Foreign Persons.

Contracting officers must insert the clause at 5652.204-9004 , Foreign Persons, for all Service/R&D contracts.


(Revised June 2021)

5604.603 Policy.

A Contract Reporting Action (CAR) or DD350 (for ECITS submittals), should be completed for the actions IAW FAR 4.603(b).

5604.604 Responsibilities.


(A) Unless notified otherwise, contracting offices must use the Procurement Desktop-Defense (PD2) contract reporting system to enter individual Contract Action Reports (CARs). Users shall enter all contract actions and operate PD2 in accordance with USSOCOM Policy Memorandum 08-01, “Standard Procurement System Usage” dated October 1, 2007, and any Department of Defense and Federal level business rules.

(B) Data entered into PD2 will be used to create a CAR in the Federal Procurement Data System-Next Generation (FPDS-NG). Once created, all other reporting actions will be done in FPDS-NG.

(C) Office Chiefs not required to use FPDS-NG will continue using the web-based Electronic Contracting Information Transfer System (ECITS) to complete the Individual Contracting Action Report.

(D) Circumstances that may warrant a waiver and the applicable waiver procedures are found in paragraph 7(a)(3) of the Policy Memorandum 08-01. The SPS Usage Waiver can be found in the DCG.

5604.606 Reporting Data.

(Renumbered .606 from .670 June 2021)

5604.606-90 Reporting Rerepresentation Actions.

(Revised January 2018)

Follow the instructions at DCG chapter 4, item 2, Instructions for Reporting Rerepresentation Actions in FPDS-NG.

5604.606-91 Reporting Inherently Governmental Functions Indicators.

(Removed January 2018)

5604.606-92 Reporting National Interest Actions (NIA) in FPDSNG

(Added January 2018)

Follow the instructions at DCG chapter 4, item 4, Instructions for National Interest Actions in FPDS-NG.

5604.670-5 Departmental data collection point responsibilities.

(1)Special or unique reporting requirements may be coordinated with SOF AT&L-K liaison officers.


5604.803 Contents of Contract Files.

(Revised June 2021)

(a) The use of electronic contract files is mandatory, unless otherwise approved in writing by the Deputy Director of Procurement (DDOP). If there is a classified document(s) to an otherwise unclassified contract file, the document electronic file shall be stored in a folder on the appropriate secure network, and the hardcopy documents shall be stored in the appropriate secure container. A cross-reference annotation will be made on the file index specifying where the document is located.

(b) Electronic contract files must contain all appropriate contract documents or references to the location of the document if maintained in an official system of record (Electronic Document Access (EDA), Wide Area Workflow (WAWF), or Surveillance & Performance Monitoring (SPM) Tool, found in the Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment (PIEE).

(c) Additionally, 6 part folders shall be used when hardcopy files have been approved in accordance with paragraph (a) above. Numbered tabs must be at the side of a page, which act as a divider between each category of documents (i.e. A-1, B-1, B-2, B-3).

(d) The contract file content index templates in the DCG Chapter 4, Item 5(a) may be used. Use of a checklist is recommended for all contracts exceeding the simplified acquisition threshold.

(e) Filing conventions for contract files are specified in DCG chapter 4, item 5(b).

(f) Follow DCG chapter 4, Item 6 for specific mandatory contract files assurance actions.

(g) A Critical Documents Checklist is provided to alert contracting officers of the 15 critical documents that will be surveyed during all policy reviews, regardless of scope of the required review. The list includes their review point and the file tab in which the documents are expected to be located.

5604.804 Closeout of Contract Files.

5604.804-1 Closeout by the Office Administering the Contract.

(Revised October 2014)


(A) Contracting officers are responsible for the proper closeout of all contract files in accordance with the procedures outlined in FAR 4.804 and DFARS 204.804 , and within the time parameters established in FAR 4.804-1 .

(B) Complete a DD1597, Contract Completion Statement, firm-fixed price contracts over the Simplified Acquisition Threshold that are not subject to the automated closeout procedures at PGI 204.804-3.

(C) Contracting officers must use the DD1597, Contract Closeout Checklist, and DD1594, Contract Completion Statement, for all contracts other than firm-fixed price that are not administered by a Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) contract administration officer.

5604.804-2 Closeout of the Contracting Office Files if another Office Administers the Contract.

(Revised October 2014)

Contracting officers must obtain all the proper closeout documentation from both the administering and paying offices per PGI 204.804-2 within the time parameters established in FAR 4.804-1 . Upon receipt of the required documentation from the coordinating offices, the Contracting Officer must complete the actions required by FAR 4.804-2 .


5604.7003 Basic PII number.

(Revised October 2012)

(a)(1) DoDAAC codes for USSOCOM offices can be found in the DCG.

5604.7004 Supplementary PII Numbers.

(Revised October 2012)

(a)(3) The order numbers that must be utilized by USSOCOM contracting offices can be found in the DCG.


5604.7107 Contract Accounting Classification Reference Number (ACRN).


(1) Contracts, task orders, and delivery orders under indefinite delivery contracts or basic ordering agreements, must not contain more than one fund cite from the same congressional funding line except as provided in Paragraph (2).

(2) Multiple fund cites from the same congressional funding line may be used in situations where it is needed to comply with one of the following requirements:

(i) Congressionally mandated reporting requirements contained in regulation or congressional committee reports.

(ii) Information specifically required in the DOD Financial Management Regulation.

(iii) Information specifically required in a Program Objective Memorandum or budget guidance signed by the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) (USD(C)), or the Director Program Analysis and Evaluation.

(iv) Information identified in writing by the USD(C) as necessary to prepare the department's annual audited financial statements.

(v) Information required by the Office of Management and Budget, Department of Treasury, or other federal agency when the requirement is contained in a signed policy directive issued by the applicable agency.

(3) Use of multiple fund cites not falling within the requirements of paragraph (2) above must be approved by the Commander, United States Special Operations Command, and the Director of Defense Procurement, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition & Technology). This authority must not be delegated. Request for approval must be submitted through the Director of Procurement (DOP). The approval document must be included in the contract file.

HQ, United States Special Operations Command

Special Operations Forces Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics (SOF AT&L)


February 2007