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Part Number: 719

USAID Acquisition Regulation

719.270 Small business policies.

719.270 Small business policies.

(a) In keeping with section 602 of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 (22 U.S.C. 2352), as amended, USAID shall, insofar as practicable and to the maximum extent consistent with the accomplishment of the purposes of said Act, assist U.S. small businesses to participate equitably in the furnishing of supplies and services for Foreign Assistance activities.

(b) It is the policy of USAID to:

(1) Fully endorse and carry out the Government's small business program for placing a fair proportion of its purchases and contracts for supplies, construction (including maintenance and repair), research and development, and services (including personal, professional, and technical services) with small business, including minority small business concerns; and

(2) Increase their participation in USAID procurement.

(c) In furtherance of this policy:

(1) Contracting officer's representatives shall make positive efforts (see 719.271-5) to identify potentially qualified small and minority business firms during precontract development of activities and shall, with the responsible contracting officers, assure that such firms are given full opportunity to participate equitably;

(2) Small business set-asides shall be made for all contracts to be executed in USAID/Washington which qualify for small business set-aside action under part 19 of the (48 CFR) FAR; and

(3) Consideration shall be given in appropriate cases to the award of the contract to the Small Business Administration for subcontracting to small business firms pursuant to section 8(a) of the Small Business Act (15 U.S.C. 637(a)).

(d) This program shall be implemented by all USAID/Washington contracting activities in order to attain these policy objectives. In accordance with 719.271, all USAID/Washington direct-procurement requirements which exceed the simplified acquisition threshold shall be screened for small business opportunities by the Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU) except those exempted by 719.271-6(a).

(e) Where practicable and desirable, small business and minority business enterprise award goals will be established for the respective USAID/Washington procuring activities to provide incentive for contracting personnel to increase awards to small firms. The goals will be set by OSDBU after consultation with the respective head of the contracting activity (see 702-170).

(f) In the event of a disagreement between OSDBU and the contracting officer concerning:

(1) A recommended set-aside, or (2) a request for modification or withdrawal of a class or individual set-aside, complete documentation of the case including the reasons for disagreement shall be transmitted within five working days to the head of the contracting activity (see 719.271-6(e)) for a decision. Procurement action shall be suspended pending a decision.

(g) The above suspension shall not apply where the contracting officer:

(1) Certifies in writing, with supporting information, that in order to protect the public interest award must be made without delay;

(2) Promptly provides a copy of said certification to OSDBU; and

(3) Includes a copy of the certification in the contract file.

(h) OSDBU shall be the Small Business Advisor and Minority Business Procurement Policy Manager for all USAID/Washington procuring activities.

(i) The details on the Agency's direction and operation of the small business program are set forth in 719.271.

(j) No decision rendered, or action taken, under the coverage set forth in 719.271 shall preclude the Small Business Administration from appealing directly to the USAID Administrator as provided for in part 19 of the FAR.


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