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Part Number: 719

USAID Acquisition Regulation

719.273-10 Internal controls.

719.273-10 Internal controls.

(a) OSDBU will oversee the Program and will work in concert with the Mentor-Protégé Program Manager and relevant contracting officers to achieve Program objectives. OSDBU will establish internal controls as checks and balances applicable to the Program. These controls will include:

(1) Reviewing and evaluating Mentor applications for validity of the provided information;

(2) Reviewing annual progress reports submitted by Mentors and Protégés on Protégé development to measure Protégé progress against the plan submitted in the approved Agreement;

(3) Reviewing and evaluating financial reports and invoices submitted by the Mentor to verify that USAID is not charged by the Mentor for providing developmental assistance to the Protégé; and

(4) Limiting the number of participants in the Mentor-Protégé Program within a reporting period, in order to insure the effective management of the Program.

(b) USAID may rescind approval of an existing Mentor-Protégé Agreement if it determines that such action is in USAID's best interest. The rescission shall be in writing and sent to the Mentor and Protégé after approval by the Director of OSDBU. Rescission of an Agreement does not change the terms of any subcontract between the Mentor and the Protégé.


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