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Part Number: 722

USAID Acquisition Regulation

722.805-70 Procedures.

722.805-70 Procedures.

(a) The procedures in this section apply, as appropriate, for all contracts excluding construction, which shall be handled in accordance with (48 CFR) FAR 22.804-1. Contracting officers are responsible for ensuring that the requirements of (48 CFR) FAR 22.8 and related clauses are met before awarding any contracts or consenting to subcontracts subject to these requirements.

(b) Representations and certifications. The first step in ensuring compliance with these requirements is to obtain all necessary representations and certifications (Reps and Certs) as required by (48 CFR) FAR 22.810 and FAR 4.1202. When applicable, the contracting officer must review the Reps and Certs to determine whether they have been completed and signed as required, and are acceptable.

(c) OFCCP's National Preaward Registry. If the Reps and Certs are complete, signed, and deemed acceptable, and the contracting officer has no reason to doubt their accuracy, the contracting officer must then consult the OFCCP's National Preaward Registry at the internet website in 48 CFR 22.805(a)(4) (i) to see if the offeror is listed.

(1) If the conditions stated in (48 CFR) FAR 22.805(a) (4) are met (including the contract file documentation requirement in paragraph (a)(4)(iii)), then the contracting officer does not need to take any further action in verifying the offeror's compliance with the requirements of this subpart and (48 CFR) FAR 22.8.

(2) If the offeror does not appear in the National Preaward Registry, and the estimated amount of the contract or subcontract is expected to be under $10 million then the contracting officer may rely on the Reps and Certs as sufficient verification of the offeror's compliance.

(3) If the offeror does not appear in the National Preaward Registry and the estimated amount of the contract or subcontract is $10 million or more, then the contracting officer must request a preaward clearance from the appropriate OFCCP regional office, in accordance with 48 CFR 22.805(a). If the initial contact with OFCCP is by telephone, the contracting officer and OFCCP are to mutually determine what information is to be included in the written verification request. The contracting officer may need to provide the following information in addition to the items listed in (48 CFR) FAR 22.805(a)(5), if so requested by the OFCCP regional office:

(i) Name, title, address, and telephone number of a contract person for the prospective contractor;

(ii) A description of the type of organization (university, nonprofit, etc.) and its ownership (private, foreign, state, etc.).

(iii) Names and addresses of the organizations in a joint venture (if any).

(iv) Type of procurement (new contract—RFP or IFB, amendment, etc.) and the period of the contract.

(v) Copy of approved Reps and Certs.

(d) In the event that OFCCP reports that the offeror is not in compliance, negotiations with the offeror shall be terminated.

(e) Documentation for the contract file. Every contract file must contain completed and signed Reps and Certs. The file must clearly show that these documents have been reviewed and accepted by the contracting officer. If the Reps and Certs were revised to make them acceptable (see paragraph (b) of this section), the file must also document what changes were required and why, and verify that the changes were made. The contracting officer shall also document the OFCCP National Preaward Registry review (see paragraph (c)

(1) of this section), and, if the Registry does not include the offeror:

(1) For contracts or modifications over $10,000 but less than $10 million, the file must contain a statement from the contracting officer that the contractor is considered in compliance with EEO requirements, and giving the basis for this statement (see paragraph (c)(2) of this section). This statement may be in a separate memorandum to the file or in the memorandum of negotiation.

(2) For contracts or modifications of $10 million or more, the file must document all communications with OFCCP regarding the offeror's compliance. Such documentation includes copies of any written correspondence and a record of telephone conversations, specifying the name, address, and telephone number of the person contacted, a summary of the information presented, and any advice given by OFCCP.

(f) Documentation in the event of non-compliance. In the event OFCCP determines that a prospective contractor is not in compliance, a copy of OFCCP's written determination, and a summary of resultant action taken (termination of negotiations, notification of offeror and contracting officer's representative, negotiation with next offeror in competitive range, resolicitation, etc.) will be placed in the contract file for any contract which may result, together with other records related to unsuccessful offers, and retained for at least six months following award.


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