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Part Number: 752

USAID Acquisition Regulation

752.245-71 Title to and care of property.

752.245-71 Title to and care of property.

Link to an amendment published at 89 FR 4209, Jan. 23, 2024.

As prescribed in paragraph (a) of (48 CFR) AIDAR 745.107, the following clause must be inserted in all contracts when the contractor will acquire property under the contract for use overseas and the contract funds were obligated under a Development Objective Agreement (DOAG) (or similar bilateral obligating agreement) with the cooperating country.

Title to and Care of Property (APR 1984)

(a) Title to all non-expendable property purchased with contract funds under this contract and used in the Cooperating Country, shall at all times be in the name of the Cooperating Government, or such public or private agency as the Cooperating Government may designate, unless title to specified types or classes of non-expendable property is reserved to USAID under provisions set forth in the schedule of this contract; but all such property shall be under the custody and control of Contractor until the owner of title directs otherwise, or completion of work under this contract or its termination, at which time custody and control shall be turned over to the owner of title or disposed of in accordance with its instructions. All performance guaranties and warranties obtained from suppliers shall be taken in the name of the title owner. (Non-expendable property is property which is complete in itself, does not lose its identity or become a component part of another article when put into use; is durable, with an expected service life of two years or more; and which has a unit cost of $500 of more.)

(b) Contractor shall prepare and establish a program, to be approved by the Mission, for the receipt, use, maintenance, protection, custody, and care of non-expendable property for which it has custodial responsibility, including the establishment of reasonable controls to enforce such program.


(1) For non-expendable property to which title is reserved to the U.S. Government under provisions set forth in the schedule of this contract, Contractor shall submit an annual report on all non-expendable property under its custody as required in the clause of this contract entitled “Government Property”.

(2) For non-expendable property titled to the Cooperating Government, the Contractor shall, within 90 days after completion of this contract, or at such other date as may be fixed by the contracting officer, submit an inventory schedule covering all items of non-expendable property under its custody, which have not been consumed in the performance of this contract. The Contractor shall also indicate what disposition has been made of such property.


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