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Part Number: 752

USAID Acquisition Regulation

752.7011 Orientation and language training.

752.7011 Orientation and language training.

Link to an amendment published at 89 FR 4209, Jan. 23, 2024.

For use in all USAID cost-reimbursement contracts involving performance overseas.

Orientation and Language Training (APR 1984)

(a) Regular employees shall receive a maximum of 2 weeks USAID sponsored orientation before travel overseas. The dates of orientation shall be selected by the Contractor from the orientation schedule provided by USAID.

(b) Participation in USAID sponsored orientation in no way relieves the Contractor of its responsibility for assuring that all employees, regular and short-term, are properly oriented. As an addition to or substitution for USAID's sponsored orientation for regular employees, the following types of orientation may be authorized taking into consideration specific job requirements, the employee's prior overseas experience, or unusual circumstances.

(1) Modified orientation.

(2) Language training, particularly when significant for operating capabilities.

(3) Orientation and language training for regular employee's dependents.

(4) Contractor-sponsored orientation.

(5) Orientation in all matters related to the administrative, logistical, and technical aspects of the employee's movement to, and tour of duty in, the Cooperating Country.

(c) Authorization for an additional or alternate orientation program, if any, shall be either set forth in the schedule or provided in writing by the contracting officer.

(d) Travel expenses not to exceed one round trip from regular employee's residence to place of orientation and return will be reimbursed, pursuant to the cost principles applicable to this contract. Allowable salary costs during the period of orientation are also reimbursable.


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