Part Number: 903

Department of Energy Acquisition Regulation

903.104-1 Definitions.

As used in this section and for the purposes of the post-employment restrictions at 48 CFR 3.104-2(b)(3) -

Deputy program manager means the individual within DOE who normally acts as the program manager in the absence of the program manager, and does not mean an individual who occasionally acts for the program manager or the deputy program manager.

Program manager means the individual within DOE who:

(1) Exercises authority on a day-to-day basis to manage an acquisition program -

(i) For a system attained through the acquisition process; and

(ii) With one or more contracts, at least one of which has a value exceeding $10,000,000; and

(2) Is generally the person at the lowest organizational level who has authority to make technical and budgetary decisions on behalf of DOE.

System means a combination of elements that function together to produce the capabilities required to fulfill a mission need, including, but not limited to hardware, equipment, software, or any combination thereof.