Change Number: DFARS Change 10/28/2022
Effective Date: 10/28/2022

233.104 Protests to GAO.

(c) Protests after award. (1) In lieu of the time periods in FAR 33.104 (c)(1), contracting officers shall immediately suspend performance or terminate the awarded contract, task order, or delivery order upon notice from the GAO of a protest filed within the time periods listed in paragraphs (c)(1)(A) through (D) of this section, whichever is later, except as provided in FAR 33.104 (c)(2) and (3)—

(A) Within 10 days after the date of contract award;

(B) Within 10 days after the date a task order or delivery order is issued, where the value exceeds $25 million (10 U.S.C. 2304c(e));

(C) Within 5 days after a debriefing date offered to the protestor under a timely debriefing request in accordance with FAR 15.506 regardless of whether the protestor rejected the offered debriefing date, unless an earlier debriefing date is negotiated as a result; or

(D) Within 5 days after a postaward debriefing under FAR 15.506 is concluded in accordance with 215.506-70 (b).


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