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Part Number: 2937

Department of Labor Acquisition Regulation

Subpart 2937.2 - Advisory and Assistance Services

2937.203 Policy.

(a) HCAs having a requirement for certain advisory and assistance services are required by the Department of Labor Manual Series (See DLMS 2 836) to prepare a written justification for such services. Written justification must be submitted to the Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management for review by the Procurement Review Board, for Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management approval.

(b) Regardless of the type of action planned, the justification in paragraph (a) of this section must include the following:

(1) A statement of need, which certifies that the requested services do not unnecessarily duplicate any previously performed work.

(2) Nature and scope of the need, and the results expected.

(3) Extent to which in-house staff availability was assessed, and the reasons why procurement of outside services is necessary.

(4) Any additional information or data that support the requirement for a contract.

(5) Name(s) and title(s) of official(s) who will be assigned as project officer(s) to work with the contractor, and who can be contacted for additional Information.

(6) A statement that the Government policy on advisory and assistance services has been reviewed and complies with FAR 37.203.