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Part Number: 2401

HUD Acquisition Regulation

2401.105-2 Arrangement of regulations.

(a) General. Chapter 24 is divided into parts, subparts, sections, subsections, paragraphs and further subdivisions as necessary.

(b) Numbering. Generally, the numbering system and part, subpart, and section titles used in the HUDAR conform with those used in the FAR or as follows:

(1) When the HUDAR implements or deviates from a parallel part, subpart, section, subsection, or paragraph of the FAR, that implementation or deviation will be numbered and captioned where possible to correspond to the FAR part, subpart, section, subsection, or paragraph. For example, FAR subpart 1.4, Deviations, is implemented in HUD's acquisition regulations at subpart 2401.4, Deviations. (The “24” in the number indicates what chapter of title 48 contains the HUDAR.)

(2) When HUD supplements material contained in the FAR, it is given a unique number containing the numerals “70” or higher. The rest of the number will parallel the FAR part, subpart, section, subsection, or paragraph it is supplementing. For example, FAR 14.407, Award, does not contain a provision for the steps to be taken when only one bid is received. The HUDAR provides this information. Since the subject matter supplements what is contained in FAR 14.407, the HUDAR section supplementing the FAR is numbered 2414.407-70.

(3) Where material in the FAR requires no implementation or deviation, there is no corresponding numbering in the HUDAR. Therefore, there may be gaps in the HUDAR sequence of numbers where the FAR, as written, is applicable to the HUDAR and requires no further implementation.

(c) Citation. The HUDAR will be cited in accordance with Federal Register standards approved for the FAR. Thus, this section when referred to in the HUDAR is cited as 2401.105-2(c). When this section is referred to formally in official documents, such as legal briefs, it should be cited as “48 CFR 2401.105-2(c).” Any section of the HUDAR may be formally identified by the section number, e.g., “HUDAR 2401.105-2.” In the HUDAR, any reference to the FAR will be indicated by “FAR” followed by the section number, for example FAR 37.108.