Part Number: 2452

HUD Acquisition Regulation

2452.208-71 Reproduction of reports.

As prescribed in 2408.802-70, insert the following clause in solicitations and contracts where the Contractor is required to produce, as an end product, publications or other written materials:


In accordance with Title I of the Government Printing and Binding Regulations, printing of reports, data or other written material, if required herein, is authorized provided that the material produced does not exceed 5,000 production units of any page and that items consisting of multiple pages do not exceed 25,000 production units in aggregate. The aggregate number of production units is determined by multiplying the number of pages by the number of copies. A production unit is one sheet, size 8.5 by 11 inches or less, printed on one side only and in one color. All copy preparation to produce camera-ready copy for reproduction must be set by methods other than hot metal typesetting. The reports should be produced by methods employing stencils, masters and plates which are to be used on single unit duplicating equipment no larger than 11 by 17 inches with a maximum image of 10 3/4 by 14 1/4 inches and are prepared by methods or devices that do not utilize reusable contact negatives and/or positives prepared with a camera requiring a darkroom. All reproducibles (camera-ready copies for reproduction by photo offset methods) shall become the property of the Government and shall be delivered to the Government with the report, data, or other written materials.

(End of clause)