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Part Number: 2452

HUD Acquisition Regulation

2452.216-74 Distribution of award fee.

As prescribed in 2416.406(e)(3), insert the following clause in all award fee contracts:

Distribution of Award Fee (FEB 2006)

(a) The total amount of award fee available under this contract is assigned to the following evaluation periods in the following amounts:

Evaluation Period: [insert time period]

Available Award Fee: [insert dollar amount]

(b) In the event of contract termination, either in whole or in part, the amount of award fee available shall represent a pro-rata distribution associated with evaluation period activities or events as determined by the Fee Determination Official as designated in the contract.

(End of clause)

Alternate I (FEB 2006). As prescribed in 2416.406(e)(3), add paragraph (c):

(c) The contract clauses required for cost-reimbursement contracts shall be modified for use under award fee contracts as cited below:

(1) The term “base fee and award fee” shall be substituted for “fixed fee” where it appears in the clause at FAR 52.243-2, Changes - Cost Reimbursement.

(2) The term “base fee” shall be substituted for “fee” where it appears in the clauses at FAR 52.232-20, Limitation of Costs, and FAR 52.232-22, Limitation of Funds.

(3) The phrase “base fee, if any, and such additional fee as may be awarded as provided for in the Schedule” shall be substituted for the term “fee” whenever it appears in the clause at FAR 52.216-7, Allowable Cost and Payment.

(End of clause)