Part Number: 2452

HUD Acquisition Regulation

2452.227-70 Government information.

As prescribed in 2427.470, use the following clause:

Government Information (DEC 2012)

(a) Definitions. As used in this clause, “Government information” includes -

Contractor-acquired information, which means information acquired or otherwise collected by the Contractor on behalf of the Government in the context of the Contractor's duties under the contract.

Government-furnished information (GFI), which means information in the possession of, or directly acquired by, the Government and subsequently furnished to the Contractor for performance of a contract. GFI also includes contractor-acquired information if the contractor-acquired information is a deliverable under the contract and is for continued use under the contract. Otherwise, GFI does not include information that is created by the Contractor and delivered to the Government in accordance with the requirements of the work statement or specifications of the contract. The type, quantity, quality, and delivery requirements of such deliverable information are set forth elsewhere in the contract schedule.

(b) Information Management and Information Security.

(1) The Contractor shall manage, account for, and secure all Government information provided or acquired by the contractor. The Contractor shall be responsible for all Government information provided to its subcontractors. The Contractor agrees to include a requirement in each subcontract under this contract that flows down the protection from disclosure requirements.

(2) The Contractor's responsibility for Government information extends from the initial provision or acquisition and receipt of information, through stewardship, custody, and use until returned to, or otherwise disposed of, as directed by the Contracting Officer. This requirement applies to all Government information under the Contractor's accountability, stewardship, possession or control, including its subcontractors.

(c) Use of Government information.

(1) The Contractor shall not use any information provided or acquired under this contract for any purpose other than in the performance of this contract.

(2) The Contractor shall not modify or alter the Government information, unless authorized in writing, in advance, by the Contracting Officer.

(d) Government-furnished information.

(1) The Government shall deliver to the Contractor the information described below -

Description Date to be Provided

[Contracting Officer insert]

(2) The delivery and/or performance dates specified in this contract are based upon the expectation that the Government-furnished information will be suitable for contract performance and will be delivered to the Contractor by the dates stated in paragraph (d)(1) of this clause.

(i) The Government does not warrant the validity or accuracy of the Government-furnished information unless otherwise noted.

(ii) In the event that information received by the Contractor is not in a condition suitable for its intended use, the Contractor shall immediately notify the Contracting Officer in writing. Upon receipt of the Contractor's notification, the Contracting Officer shall advise the Contractor on a course of action to remedy the problem.

(iii) If either the failure of the Government to provide information to the Contractor by the dates shown in this clause or the remedial action taken under this clause to correct defective information causes an increase or decrease in the Contractor's cost of, or the time required for, the performance of any part of the work under this contract, the Contracting Officer shall consider an equitable adjustment to the contract. The Contractor shall provide to the Contracting Officer its written statement describing the general nature and amount of the equitable adjustment proposal within 30 days after the remedial action described in paragraph (ii) herein is completed, or within 30 days after the date upon which the Government failed to provide information, unless the Contracting Officer extends this period.


(i) The Contracting Officer may, by written notice, at any time -

(A) Increase or decrease the amount of Government-furnished information under this contract;

(B) Substitute other Government-furnished information for the information previously furnished, to be furnished, or to be acquired by the Contractor for the Government under this contract; or

(C) Withdraw authority to use the information.

(ii) Upon completion of any action(s) under paragraph (d)(3)(i) of this clause, and the Contractor's timely written request, the Contracting Officer shall consider an equitable adjustment to the contract.

(e) Rights in information. Government information is the property of the U.S. Government unless otherwise specifically identified. The specific rights in any other information acquired or created by the Contractor under this contract shall be as expressed in the “Rights in Data” clause contained in this contract.

(f) Government access to information. The Government shall have the right to access any Government information maintained by the contractor and any subcontractors. The Contractor shall provide the Contracting Officer, and other duly authorized Government representatives, with access to all Government information, including access to the Contractor's facilities, as necessary, promptly upon written notification by the Contracting Officer. Such notification may be by electronic mail.

(g) Contractor liability for Government information.

(1) Unless otherwise provided for in the contract, the Contractor shall not be liable for loss, theft, damage, or destruction to the Government information furnished or acquired under this contract, except when the loss, theft, damage, or destruction is the result of the Contractor's failure to properly manage, account for, and safeguard the information in accordance with this clause.

(2) In the event of any loss, theft, damage, or destruction of Government information, the Contractor shall immediately take all reasonable actions necessary to protect the Government information from further loss, theft, damage, or destruction.

(3) The Contractor shall do nothing to prejudice the Government's rights to recover against third parties for any loss, theft, damage, or destruction of Government information.

(h) Information alteration and disposal. Except as otherwise provided for in this contract, the Contractor shall not alter, destroy, or otherwise dispose of any Government information unless expressly directed by the Contracting Officer to do so.

(i) Return of Government information to the Government. (1) The Government may require the Contractor to return Government Information to the Government at any time. Upon demand by the Contracting Officer or his/her representative, the Contractor shall return all Government information to the Government as directed by the Contracting Officer or other individual designated by the Contracting Officer.

(2) The Contractor's failure to return all information as directed, including directions regarding the time frames for delivery back to the Government and directions prescribing the form in which the data must be returned, shall be considered a breach of contract, and the Government shall have the right to physically remove the Government information from the Contractor, including removal of such information from the Contractor's physical premises and from any electronic media (e.g., Contractor's computer systems).

(3) When required to return Government information to the Government, the Contractor shall do so at no cost to the Government. The Government shall not be responsible for the cost of data format conversion and the cost of delivery, if any.

(4) The Contractor shall ensure that all Government information provided to subcontractors is returned to the Government.

(j) Equitable adjustment. Equitable adjustments under this clause shall be made in accordance with the procedures of the Changes clause. However, the Government shall not be liable for breach of contract for the following:

(1) Any delay in delivery of Government-furnished information.

(2) Delivery of Government-furnished information in a condition not suitable for its intended use.

(3) An increase, decrease, or substitution of Government-furnished information.

(4) Failure to correct or replace Government information for which the Government is responsible.

(k) Subcontracts. The Contractor shall ensure that all subcontracts under which Government information is provided to a subcontractor include the basic terms and conditions set forth in paragraphs (a), (b), (c), (f), and (h) of this clause in each subcontract. Subcontracts shall clearly describe the Government information provided to the subcontractor. The Contractor shall be responsible for all Government information provided to subcontractors.

Alternate I. When the contracting officer determines that the failure to return Government information as provided for in paragraph (i) of this clause shall result in a monetary damage to the Government, the contracting officer shall include the following additional paragraph (i)(5) of this clause. The contracting officer shall consult the requiring activity to determine an amount or percentage that accurately reflects the damages to the Government.

(5) In the event of Contractor delay in returning the Government Information to the Government, for each calendar day late, the Contracting Officer has the discretion to deduct ______ [Contracting Officer insert dollar amount or percentage] from the total value of the contract, and/or withhold payment from the Contractor.

(End of clause)